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Monday, April 30, 2007

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Google Yourself

The Simpsons rule!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to BE HAPPY like funDiva

For a funDiva like myself, BE HAPPY = SUCCESS

1) Listen to guided meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, clearing audio.

Every nite, I listen to something positive as I am going to sleep. I have a variety of programs, and usually switch them every couple of weeks or however I am inspired that nite.

I make some myself, like this:
Rainbow Abundance Relaxation

a few others I love:
Silva Mind Method - I listened to the long relax excercise nightly to go to sleep for more than 10 years, still my cornerstone relax.

Sleep Your Way to the Top - Wendi Friesen & Bruce Musik
Wendi's Site:
Bruce's Site:

Instant Change - Pat O'Bryan

I Love You Audio - Joe Vitale
I Love You Audio

2) Get my funny fix.
In my type-A multi-tasking efficiency way, I watch fun stuff while I eat. I choose to watch SpongeBob (11 minutes) or Simpsons (22 minutes) or 20-30 minutes of a movie.

To completely avoid news and negativity, I start the VCR or DVD before turning on the TV, then I don't accidentally get exposed to something I don't want to see. Just in case, my tuner is set to channel 99 which for me is a blue screen. (I would choose to dump the cable entirely if Mike would allow it and now that Hockey is over! Applies to me only: Avalanche=Hockey)

3) Being happy and grateful for my meals.

While I prepare my food, I thank my veggies for sacrificing their life and allowing me to help them fulfill their life's mission to nourish me.

As a long time vegetarian, I had trouble eating veggies after learing of this info, but I gotta eat, so this is how I made my peace with it! Too bad I can't just filter feed like SpongeBob.

4) Eliminate Info Overload

Reading and learning is essential, however I wanted and easier and faster way. So I asked the Universe, How can I learn without feeling overwhelmed? My answer is so easy - STOP getting so many books!

I use wikipedia, amazon, google for reviews, etc to get the gist of a book WITHOUT having to take the time and expense to actually buy and read them. Helps to eliminate book clutter of the thousands of books I already own and only half-read.

If I find myself referring back to info about a book a few times, THEN and only then will I justify getting it! AND I check the library first, including InterLibrary Loan.

Books now have to prove to me that they are worth my time. Free ebooks are getting dumped after scanning too.

Harsh AND anti-what I have seen on everyone else's lists, but huge relief and freedom for me. Novels and entertainment books are little different, and I still always have a few books in the car in case I am running errands and get stuck waiting for something.

I have also recently adopted the mantra "Learn by doing"

I have had this quote taped to my computer screen for years, but didn't get it until recently.

"Until you do what you believe in, you don't know whether you believe it or not." Leo Tolstoy

this post inspired by:

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I love SpongeBob!

Burger King Commercial

I love SpongeBob!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

funDiva tips #1

New fun stuff I found this week:

Always be your self. Because the people who mind don't matter. And the people that matter won't mind!

If something's hard to do, then its not worth doing! - Homer Simpson

What do you call a stolen yam? A hot potato (Mike answered yamgo which I thought was hilarious)

Nifty Site:

Pointless but fun site:

Shoulda done a long time ago:
added meta keywords to my site

added stuff to eBay profile (link popularity)

signup requires phone, mailing address and email that they will share with many many spammers and telemarketers (already 3 phone calls a day, I use a fake vm to track, coded my address with Apt MV, we'll see how long it takes to get mail, used disposable email that I had to shut down!)
OK so their logo is divaish but the rest is piffy

I am setting up my weekly newsletter called "funDiva tips"
What do you all think of the subheadings
"Living online so you don't have to"
"Living online so you can have a real life"

Acceptance Mark