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Friday, February 23, 2007

James Ray in Las Vegas

James Ray was fabulous - BAM!

So for anyone who attended the event and is interested in continuing contact and forming a manifesting circle locally in Las Vegas, post here or email me personally.

OR if the Universe has bigger intentions for us to have a telephone manifesting circle with people from all over then that will be apparent by the responses too.

What I appreciate most about James Ray is that he did his best to accommodate nearly twice as many people showing up as were expected, thus starting a full half-hour late. Mike (my hubby) went with me and didn't get out of work til after 6, so we were among those who would have missed out if the event had started on time. There were 3 ladies in front of us in line who thought they were all about "The Secret" and bitching and moaning about how unprofessional this event was. They bailed citing "If this organization is about manifesting and this is what happens then we don't want to be here" and left about 5 minutes before we got into the room and everything started.

How do they know that the general crowd didn't exactly manifest, "Hey, James Ray should start at 7:30 cuz then everyone can get in and hear the entire presentation" Which is exactly what I was thinking! I knew that Mike would be late, but I wanted to make sure we went together, so my initial theory was I would rather be there WITH Mike and be late, than be there my myself and on time. The ideal was that the world would revolve around us so that I could have both! And that is what happened. Cool!

I also met some people who are bringing in Lisa Nichols to speak in the teen days of March. Bug me for details if I forget to post them.


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