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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Don't think about Pink Elephants

Don't think about Pink Elephants and then whats the first thing you think about? Pink Elephants

So Universe and gurus, how do you NOT think about what you don't want to keep it from continuing to show up?

I have been told to think about the opposite, like if you are in debt, start thinking surplus. But sometimes the more I try to force myself to be thinking surplus, I know the reason is that I'm trying too hard not to think about debt and then I think about more debt!!

Interestingly, I can overcome my mind with counting clutter. I used to be a synchronized swimmer and we did underwater laps. Somehow, when I first started the underwater attempts, I decided that I did not want to know how many strokes it would take. So I started counting wildly in my head, like "3 6 9 14 56 200 1 2 3 743 45 7 2 4 66 324 8" (very hard to do typing instead of thinking, literally cluttering my brain so that I wouldn't be able to remember how many actual strokes I took.. And it has worked my whole life. Even today I can do underwater laps and I still don't know how many strokes it takes. (Although it would probably be a different number now at 35 than when I was 13!)

So cluttering works, but that only lasts a minute or less. How can I replace my thoughts for minutes, hours and days?

I have listened to I Love You Clearing
on my mp3 continuously for hours on end and found so far the most useful article on "Emergency Creating"

But until now I had not done exactly what I am doing here in directly asking!

Hooray, I am eager to hear the answer.


At Monday, February 12, 2007 6:24:00 AM, Anonymous Ki Chaimsten said...

Hi, I have followed you here from the MDMC forum, and love your thought patterns. Indeed you cannot force yourself to not think of anything! What I do is to just be aware of my thought patterns, and as I recognize my going astray, I deliberately think of the opposite. As you continue to do this, it will change your pattern of "thought acceptance" as I call it, and you will become more and more tuned in to the positive side of things. If you will just focus on gratitude for the things you have in your life that are positive and good, whatever they are, this will also help you. You may contact me if you should choose to @

At Monday, February 12, 2007 10:29:00 AM, Anonymous Brad Yates said...

Hey Christy! My take on it is that you need to neutralize the power of the pink elephant (my personal favorite is to use EFT). If we have trash in our room, we can try to walk around avoiding looking at it - but that's a pretty limited way to live. The outside world is a mirror of what is going on inside. The pink elephant needs to be cleared inside before it can stop showing up outside. If you have a disease inside, you don't want to simply distract yourself from noticing the symptoms. Ask yourself, "Okay, this is here - why am I so attached to it - why do I want to keep thinking about it?" And start clearing. Brad. :)


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