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Friday, February 23, 2007

James Ray in Las Vegas

James Ray was fabulous - BAM!

So for anyone who attended the event and is interested in continuing contact and forming a manifesting circle locally in Las Vegas, post here or email me personally.

OR if the Universe has bigger intentions for us to have a telephone manifesting circle with people from all over then that will be apparent by the responses too.

What I appreciate most about James Ray is that he did his best to accommodate nearly twice as many people showing up as were expected, thus starting a full half-hour late. Mike (my hubby) went with me and didn't get out of work til after 6, so we were among those who would have missed out if the event had started on time. There were 3 ladies in front of us in line who thought they were all about "The Secret" and bitching and moaning about how unprofessional this event was. They bailed citing "If this organization is about manifesting and this is what happens then we don't want to be here" and left about 5 minutes before we got into the room and everything started.

How do they know that the general crowd didn't exactly manifest, "Hey, James Ray should start at 7:30 cuz then everyone can get in and hear the entire presentation" Which is exactly what I was thinking! I knew that Mike would be late, but I wanted to make sure we went together, so my initial theory was I would rather be there WITH Mike and be late, than be there my myself and on time. The ideal was that the world would revolve around us so that I could have both! And that is what happened. Cool!

I also met some people who are bringing in Lisa Nichols to speak in the teen days of March. Bug me for details if I forget to post them.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Did Anna Nicole Smith Manifest her own death?

For the record, I do not like TV and watch very little. I record Colorado Avalanche games and watch SpongeBob if I happen to catch it on. Otherwise, eventually everything will be on DVD so I don't bother wasting my time with anything else!

As I was setting up an Avs game last week, I was forced to watch the TV Guide channel t make sure I had the right station for the game and they were covering ANS's death. It was commented that she emulated Marylin Monroe, now sadly including her early death.

Do we all choose our own death? My good friend and mentor Joe Vitale has commented that it is his belief (and I agree) that we attract our own illnesses, accidents, speeding tickets, etc., so it would stand to reason that we do in fact manifest our own death.

Good reason to learn as much as possible about LOA!

President James Garfield once said, "The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable," updated by Werner Erhard as "The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off." (Also attributed to Gloria Steinem)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Better Than The Secret!

OK I had The Secret - Full Length Movie here, then it was disabled.

This is the REAL secret to success and happiness


Friday, February 16, 2007

Pat O'Bryan Portable Empire Cruise Extravaganza Audio

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pat O'Bryan Portable Empire Cruise Extravaganza

I am so happy and grateful now to be here on the Pat O'Bryan Portable Empire Cruise Extravaganza.

I am amazed that only one short year ago I was applying to the program, frustrated, in debt and wondering if this finally would be the solution I had been searching and asking for. I had so many ideas and unfinished projects and couldn't ever seem to get them done and pull it all together until I received the mentoring and direction I was seeking. All of the self help seminars and books I had inundated my life with finally came together to click with what really worked for me. My compilation of how I pulled it together for myself is one of my best selling products. I love that I could help people who were as frustrated at I was with a custom solution that took away the guesswork, confusion and overwhelm.

Pat is on stage announcing me as the most accomplished success story, overcoming personal challenges. I know I created more challenges to make it harder on myself, I wanted more pity and credit so people would love and appreciate me more. It was so easy actually, once I got over myself I was inspired by what I was doing instead of seeing it as work. The projects flowed and it was easy and effortless.

I look amazing and fabulous in my gorgeous size 2 purple gown that fits me perfectly I am comfortable and relaxed in this decadent elegance. My silk and feather boa adds diva attitude and I am warm and comfortable all the time now. I am showing off one of my evening elegance ankle purses which was just one of the ideas that got me here My tiara glistens and sparkles with light but not nearly as much as the sparkle and radiance of my inner happiness and smile.

I am batting my luxuriously long and lush fabulous eyelashes which have grown so dramatically they almost appear fake. I am so happy and delighted that they are completely real. My skin is luminescent and flawless. I have comfortably and without effort maintained my weight at 110 pounds and eat healthily and without concern for being sick. I can smell the fabulous lobster dinner with roasted rosemary potatoes. I am drinking strawberry ginger ale which the ship liked so much they are adding to their menu. I love the chocolate raspberry torte cake that everyone can enjoy without guilt, they are so thankful to me for bringing stevia more popularity.

Mike looks wonderful in his tuxedo. I am always infinitely grateful at my amazing luck to be so happy on a daily basis with Mike, and joyous that we have been such wonderful friends for more than half our lives. I love thinking back to our High School days and it is neat that we can share those memories and see our growth as people since we were very young. We still love discovering new things about each other and having fun new adventures together. It was especially fun to zip over the jungle canopy together. I love that we are young and healthy to be able to experience all of this fully without limitation.

I don't have a speech prepared, and everyone here already knows all the products I produced to get me here. It's easy to see my library of work on my web site and I am delighted at the constant daily sales I generate. I never have to work again if I choose not to and none of this feels like work to me. I experience a continuous flow of prosperity. Anything I could ever want is paid for. I have surplus money and am able to give it away however I choose. I am inspired easily for new projects and love that people have found my work inspiring, interesting and useful.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, put your hands together for funDiva Christy Hoffman!

I am on stage looking out at the audience and the lights shining in my eyes. I hear the thunderous and sincere applause and cheers. I smell my perfume and the scent of the candles that illuminate the room. I taste the strawberry ginger ale. My gown feels wonderful against my skin and I feel the softness of the silk and feather boa. I feel my heart beating and take a wonderful deep breath to take a moment to soak it all in.

I am complete.

I am loved.

I am at peace.

I raise my arms in triumph and blow kisses to the crowd. "I love you, thank you!" I bow to the audience with humble gratitude. My love and energy radiates and I am an explosion of light, a shining star to be admired forever.

This and something better for the greatest good of all involved.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Don't think about Pink Elephants

Don't think about Pink Elephants and then whats the first thing you think about? Pink Elephants

So Universe and gurus, how do you NOT think about what you don't want to keep it from continuing to show up?

I have been told to think about the opposite, like if you are in debt, start thinking surplus. But sometimes the more I try to force myself to be thinking surplus, I know the reason is that I'm trying too hard not to think about debt and then I think about more debt!!

Interestingly, I can overcome my mind with counting clutter. I used to be a synchronized swimmer and we did underwater laps. Somehow, when I first started the underwater attempts, I decided that I did not want to know how many strokes it would take. So I started counting wildly in my head, like "3 6 9 14 56 200 1 2 3 743 45 7 2 4 66 324 8" (very hard to do typing instead of thinking, literally cluttering my brain so that I wouldn't be able to remember how many actual strokes I took.. And it has worked my whole life. Even today I can do underwater laps and I still don't know how many strokes it takes. (Although it would probably be a different number now at 35 than when I was 13!)

So cluttering works, but that only lasts a minute or less. How can I replace my thoughts for minutes, hours and days?

I have listened to I Love You Clearing
on my mp3 continuously for hours on end and found so far the most useful article on "Emergency Creating"

But until now I had not done exactly what I am doing here in directly asking!

Hooray, I am eager to hear the answer.

Friday, February 02, 2007

FunDiva Mermaid!

Joe Vitale & Me on the Cruise

Acceptance Mark