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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quantum Manifesting

Hello and welcome home from Sacramento!

What a weekend. The most interesting thing for me that was different about Quantum manifesting is that I have what I would call realistic hope around an impossible goal.

Most of the time when I get back from events I have all these massive action ideas that I do nothing about. Well so far I did my little "One Step at a Time" steps and I know that eventually they will add up to big things without me feeling overwhelm or burnout.

Another huge difference for me was understanding the difference between Inspired and Obvious Action. I have wanted things and hoped and wished and intended and nothing happened. Meanwhile, I also never left the house! But Mike has been telling me for years that sometimes you just have to do stuff you may not feel is inspired, but also isn't hard. Like for me sometimes an obvious action is to go to work on an off nite, since I have an open schedule. I know that I will not earn $1000 sitting at home watching a movie, and I may not at work either, but at least I will be giving the Universe a chance for me to interact the right way for my greatest benefit.

I did not get the list back of who wanted to keep in touch, so if you were there and want to, please reply to this post or contact me direct.

All Is One. Funny that's written on my soap too! (Dr Bronner's)

Acceptance Mark