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Thursday, August 12, 2004

The coolest link shortener ever

This is the best! The name is

I never liked tinyurl shorturl snipurl cuz they hide the location of where you are really going. I don't want to hide the location, I just want to make it easy for users.

Use this button and shrink a long URL instantly

AND you can sign up for your own account, add the instant link shrinker to your bookmarks/favorites and any time you are at a page you like, you can shrink the URL just by going to that bookmark and they will give ya the code instantly for you to paste where ya want it!

AUTO LNK.IN is a one-click solution for internet users who want to link to the homepage they are presently looking at in their internet browser. With just one click, the often long and complicated URL is converted into a LNK.IN link - a very short URL with the format This short URL is automatically put on the users clipboard, so it can be pasted directly into where it’s needed.

When your friends click on the shortened link, they will be shown the full link for a few seconds or you can mask, cloak, track - everything I ever wanted in a link shortener!

AND it's all completely FREEE!

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